Our Vision

IKLAS I.A.S Academy for the benefit of Minority community. This academy has been started with the intention for the upliftment of Indian Youth, who lack behind in the field of Indian civil services.

Our Mission

IKLAS I.A.S. academy provides best of the faculties for civil services coaching in an excellent environment, will inculcate with good ethics so in future the candidates of the academy will be pious and God fearing I.A.S/I.P.S officers who are free from evils like bribe, corruption and misuse of office and serve for the betterment of Minority community and India as a whole.


The IKLAS Trust has taken a major initiative to take up this tremendous task of training Minority Graduates for civil services examination.


The Cell has one Library-cum-Study Room, two class rooms for subject lectures and group discussions, Administrative Office, Dining Hall and partially furnished rooms for aspirants.

Class rooms and library has all other teaching aid facilities like Laptops, Computers, Television, Projectors, CCTV and Mike System etc.


24/7 usage of Library and Internet.
Study material, books, newspapers and magazines are available to aspirants.
Class hours from 9am to 6pm.


Faculties from various IAS academies in Chennai , New Delhi and also retired and working professors are invited for lectures, group discussions and interaction with the aspirants.


  • The aspirants have to adhere strictly to the rules and regulation of the hostel.
  • They are expected to maintain a high level of self-discipline.
  • The aspirants shall have to stay in the academy for 24 hours a day 7 days a week for about 10 months.
  • The aspirants will be given a short break after each examination, when they can visit their home towns.
  • The aspirants shall not be allowed to pursue any other academic or non-academic job/course/activity.
  • Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited.
  • Muslim Aspirants are must offer Five times prayer in the Masjid.